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We Are Shattered Thoughts.

From caregiver to the licensed market, our goal has always been simple: combine the best of Michigan’s cannabis culture with premium cannabis products.


Our Mission-

Shattered Thoughts aims to combine the best of Michigan’s cannabis culture with our premium cannabis products using only original recipes created for the mindful consumer. Standardized methods, rigorous testing, and a family of highly dedicated team members ensure consistency and quality.

Our Vision-

To set standards of quality and consistency in cannabis markets nationwide while

creating a positive and educational culture for medicinal and recreational use.


Our Values-

Consistency of Products, Responsible Cannabis Use, Positive Cannabis Culture, Commitment to Customers, Dedication to Dispensary Partners, Integrity of Brand, Cannabis Education, Community Involvement, Self Improvement, Brand Originality.

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Meet The Team


Jeremy Drongowski

Founder/Director of Operations

Jon Lorts 

Head of Sales and Marketing

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Our Products are Multiple Award Winning!

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What We Are About


We started this company with a shared passion for this wonderful plant and its immensely positive impact it’s had on our lives. We all feel that there is so much to gain and learn from it and that has led us to creating this company so we can share it with so many more people.


Our favorite perk of good medication. A company built around the inspiration given from the product it offers. We think that with an open mind and enough gratitude you can accomplish anything. Creativity is not only common among our team but is encouraged among everyone who brings their unique mindsets to our family of cultivators. 


Seven years ago we set out to build something greater than us. We find one of the things so great about this plant is its ability to bring people together. Whether it’s over a late night joint or over a shared interest for the business of it, our goal is to bring all those together with the same appreciation and share with them the product of our development throughout the years. 

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